Most rugby clubs know all their members contact details but not the many non-members; visiting players and spectators that visit them. Over a year it is probably hundreds if not thousands of people, all of which could help you generate large amounts of additional revenue. So how do you collect their data?

Collect Customer Data The Easy Way

Asking people to give you their contact details on bits of paper in exchange for a free coffee and cake sounds like a good idea but normally proves to be ineffectual and costly since someone has to try and type up all of those contact details. In fact, every rugby club we have spoken with who tried this strategy binned it when it came to typing up the data! There is an easier way – Team Wi-Fi.

Build Your Social Media Following Without Spending A Penny In Advertising

You can collect customer data simply and automatically by offering them access to free Wi-Fi. You may have been asked if you offer Wi-Fi already or have seen customers on their phones in your rugby club. Like it or not customers want to access the Internet, email and Facebook all the time, and you can help them and increase revenue.

Out The Box Set Up For Ease Of Use

At Team WiFi we know you don’t have the time to become an IT expert so we provide a ‘Plug and Play’ solution that simply plugs into your present Internet connection. Then by the time you can make a cup of tea your customers will have access to secure, branded Wi-Fi that automatically collects their details and creates social media engagement.

The best part? As a charity or non-profit rugby club you could get a 50% discount off our standard rate of £19.99 so you would only pay £9.99 + VAT per month.

Don’t wait for your next committee meeting, contact us today for a chat, not a hard sale on 033 33 58 38 28.

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