In short you will get a ‘plug and play’ Team WiFi unit that will work with your existing Internet service provider. We will also send you a marketing pack with everything you need to start promoting your Free Customer Wi-Fi.

You’ll now be automatically collecting the contact details of everyone using your Wi-Fi so you can use social media, email and text messages to let people know about your promotions and events.

You will also be given the tools to automatically communicate and update customers with your events, special offers and upsell messages, ensuring your customers’ stay engaged and keep coming back to spend more.

Team WiFi what you get
Features Bronze Silver Gold
Custom logo
Custom background
Landing page redirection
   Force post on wall
   Force tweet
Simple form
Text message
Automatic re-login
Data and Analytics
Detailed analytics
Download customer data
Marketing pack
Manage email campaigns
Manage text campaigns
Manage adverts
Free welcome emails 500 2000
Free welcome texts 100
Additional private Wi-Fi channel
Time controlled access
Speed controlled access
Download controlled access
2010 Digital Economy Act compliant
Setup £99 £99 £99
Rental (per month) £19.99 £24.99 £34.99
Additional Unit (per month) £10 £12 £15
* Prices exclude VAT

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