Your customers want free Wi-Fi but rather than just give away this valuable asset why not make it work for you and them. As a minimum you can simply, quickly and automatically learn more about your customers; names, birthdays, email addresses… This is marketing gold and gives you the opportunity to entice them back again and again.

Now you have their contact information you can update them with events, todays special or anything you can dream of to entice them and their friends back to spend more money. If you want, your Team WiFi account can automatically email or text visitors so if they have not been back in the last few weeks it can send them a special offer. All while you concentrate on what you do best, running your business.



Attach the plug and play access point to your network to start advertising your branded customer free Wi-Fi.
Customers quickly login to your branded free Wi-Fi and like or follow your social media pages.
Customers begin to promote your business to their friends and family. Enabling your community and business to grow.


The extra bonus with Social Wi-Fi is that your customers go online to socialise with their friends, and their friends could become your friends and customers, growing your online community, increasing customer loyalty and bringing a world of new marketing opportunities to your door, all thanks to social media, so whilst your Wi-Fi remains free to use, you get a valuable payback that could make all the difference to your business.

Besides raising your social media profile, customers automatically start promoting your business to their friends and family while giving you permission to interact with them.

Just imagine what effect building a community of loyal customers could do for your sales figures.

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