Social media marketing is for any business that people visit and sit down! It could be a café, pub, restaurant, hotel, hairdressers, play centre or even a doctor’s waiting room or cinema…wherever the public pull out their smart phones or tablets, that’s where they’ll be looking for free customer Wi-Fi to get on to use Facebook, Twitter or browser the web, and that’s where Team WiFi can help you to win hundreds or even thousands of new customers.

Think about it. How many friends have you got on Facebook? Most of us have hundreds, and maybe even thousands of Twitter followers too…and they’re mostly people who value our opinions and recommendations, so if they see that you’ve visited Café X or Hairdresser Y and ‘Liked’ it, they’ll be happy to as well, and that’s the power of social media.

If that does not make you stop and think then just look at the stats:



80% of Internet users own a smartphone


78% of Britons have a
Facebook account


43% of Britons have a
Twitter account


Wi-Fi accounts for 71% of
all mobile communications


93% of buyers decisions are influenced by Social Media


Having a Twitter account and business page on Facebook gives you a focus for your social media marketing and increases the likelihood of people being able to find you. It’s also somewhere you can post your daily offers or specials, and upload photos and videos, and if people have ‘Followed’ you, they’ll receive an instant notification of what you’ve posted.
So, let’s say Sam has come in for a coffee and logged into her Facebook account to see what her 350 friends are up to. If she used your Team WiFi connection and ‘Liked’ your page or posted a message saying she is there, that means 350 more people can know about your business and whom you have the potential to engage with…

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